About department

Field of scientific interest

The primary interest of the Department of Ceramics has been devoted to understanding the relations between microstructure and mechanical properties of oxide/non-oxide ceramic (nano-)composites and ceramic/metal (nano-)composites. Microstructural design of new types of composites (ceramic composites with high thermal and/or electrical conductivity, luminescent materials, corrosion and oxidation resistant materials, etc.) is a primary area of the department research. Ceramic materials combining the excellent mechanical properties along with the functional ones are in the centre of interest. The additional functional properties are designed by the grain boundary engineering using polymer derived precursors and/or by in situ modifications of the microstructures. This part of the research covers also the theoretical ab-initio approaches of engineering/functional properties design and explanation. Nevertheless, one branch of the research is oriented towards design of new types of refractories containing the non-oxide ceramic phases. This part of research is tightly bounded to the collaboration with the industry.


  • Head of department: doc. Ing. Miroslav Hnatko, PhD.


Selected Publications

BERTOLLA, Luca – CHLUP, Zdeněk – TATARKO, PeterHANZEL, Ondrej – ŠEVEČEK, Oldřich – ROUPCOVÁ, Pavla – DLOUHÝ, Ivo. Preparation and characterization of novel environmentally friendly Al2O3/SiO2/CaO ceramic foams. In Ceramics International, 2018, vol. 44, p. 19063-19069.

LÁZÁR, Marián – HNATKO, Miroslav – SEDLÁČEK, Jaroslav – ČARNOGURSKÁ, M. – BRESTOVIČ, Tomáš. Upgrading the glassy slag from waste disposal by thermal plasma treatment. In Waste Management, 2018, vol. 78, p. 173-182.

NÝBLOVÁ, Daniela – BILLIK, Peter – NOGA, Jozef – ŠIMON, Erik – BYSTRICKÝ, Roman – ČAPLOVIČOVÁ, Mária – NOSKO, Martin. Degradation of Al4C3 due to atmospheric humidity. In JOM : Journal of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, 2018, vol. 70, no. 19, p. 2378-2384.

ROCH, T. – GREGOR, Maroš – ŠVEC, Peter Jr. – PLECENIK, T. – SATRAPINSKY, L. – ČAPLOVIČOVÁ, Mária – BYSTRICKÝ, Roman – KÚŠ, P. – PLECENIK, Andrej. Structure of superconducting MgB2 thin films prepared by vacuum evaporation and ex-situ annealing in Ar and O2 atmospheres. In Applied Surface Science, 2018, vol. 461, p. 233-241.

SAUNDERS, Theo G. – TATARKO, Peter – GRASSO, Salvatore – REECE, Michael J. Effectiveness of boria welding flux in improving the wettability of ZrB2 in contact with molten Cu. In Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2018, vol. 38, no. 12, p. 4198-4202.

SINGH, Meinam Annebushan – SARMA, Deba Kumar – HANZEL, Ondrej – SEDLÁČEK, Jaroslav – ŠAJGALÍK, Pavol. Surface characteristics enhancement of MWCNT alumina composites using multi-pass WEDM process. In Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2018, vol. 38, no. 11, p. 4035-4042.

SINGH, Meinam Annebushan – SARMA, Deba Kumar – HANZEL, OndrejSEDLÁČEK, JaroslavŠAJGALÍK, Pavol. Surface characteristics and erosion phenomena in WEDM of alumina composites. In Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 2018, vol. 33, no. 16, p. 1815-1821.

SHEPA, Ivan – MÚDRA, Erika – VOJTKO, Marek – TATARKO, Peter – GIRMAN, Vladimír – MILKOVIČ, Ondrej – SOPČÁK, Tibor – MEDVECKÁ, V. – DUSZA, Ján. Preparation of highly crystalline titanium-based ceramic microfibers from polymer precursor blend by needle-less electrospinning. In Ceramics International, 2018, vol. 44, no. 15, p. 17925-17934.

YADAV, S. – KUŘITKA, Ivo – HAVLICA, Jaromír – HNATKO, Miroslav – CIGÁŇ, Alexander – MASILKO, J. – KALINA, L. – HAJDÚCHOVÁ, M. – RUSNÁK, Jaroslav – ENEV, V. Structural, magnetic, elastic, dielectric and electrical properties of hot-pressed sintered Co1-xZnxFe2O4 (x = 0.0, 0.5) spinel ferrite nanoparticles. In Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2018, vol. 447, p. 48-57.

YU, Min – BERNARDO, E. – COLOMBO, P. – ROMERO, Acacio R. – TATARKO, Peter – KANNUCHAMY, Vasanth K. – TITIRICI, Maria-Magdalena – CASTLE, Elinor – PICOT, Olivier T. – REECE, Michael J. Preparation and properties of biomorphic potassium-based geopolymer (KGP)-biocarbon (CB) composite. In Ceramics International, 2018, vol. 44, no. 11, p. 12957-12964.

International and National Projects

PyrMat – Development of refractory pyrochlore phases for high temperature applications of non-oxide ceramics
Vývoj žiaruvzdorných pyrochlórnych fáz pre vysokoteplotné aplikácie neoxidovej keramiky
Programme: APVV-17-0328
Principal investigator IIC: Ing. Tatarko Peter PhD.
Partner: Institute of Materials Research SAS, Košice, Slovakia
Duration: 08/2018-06/2022
CeramCom – New Generation Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites for Aerospace Industry
Programme: H2020-MSCA-IF-2017, Grant agreement: 798651
Principal investigator IIC: Ing. Tatarko Peter PhD.
Partner: Central R&T, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, Taufkirchen, Germany
Duration: 06/2018-05/2020
Development of new advanced ceramic composites for aerospace industry
Vývoj nových pokročilých keramických kompozitov pre vesmírne aplikácie
Programme: MAD SAV-AVČR 18-12
Principal investigator IIC: Ing. Tatarko Peter PhD.
Partner: Institute of Physics of Materials, ASCR, Czech Republic
Duration: 01/2018-12/2020
JOINSIC – Joining of advanced SiC-based ceramic materials
Spájanie moderných keramických materiálov na báze SiC
Programme: APVV SK-CN-2017-0040
Principal investigator IIC: Ing. Tatarko Peter PhD.
Partner: Specialty Fibers and Nuclear Energy Materials Engineering Laboratory, Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering (NIMTE), Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Duration: 01/2018-12/2019
Preparation and characterization granuls/microspheres based on silicon nitride for bioapplications
Príprava a charakterizácia granúl / mikroguličiek na báze nitridu kremičitého pre bioaplikácie
Programme: VEGA 2/0152/18
Principal investigator IIC: doc. Ing. Hnatko Miroslav, PhD.
Duration: 01/2018-12/2021
Photoluminescent transparent oxynitride-based ceramics
Fotoluminiscenčné transparentné keramické materiály na báze oxinitridov
Programme: VEGA 2/0164/18
Principal investigator IIC: doc. Ing. Zoltán Lenčéš, PhD.
Duration: 01/2018-12/2021
EXTREMECER – Ceramic materials for extreme operating conditions
(Keramické materiály pre použitie v extrémnych podmienkach)
Programme: APVV-15-0469
Project coordinator: Institute of Materials Research of SAS
Principal investigator IIC: prof. RNDr. P. Šajgalík, DrSc.
Duration: 07/2016-06/2020
SERAMAT – Assessment of secondary raw materials for the preparation of materials used in extreme conditions
(Zhodnotenie druhotných surovín pre materiály s využitím v extrémnych podmienkach)
Programme: APVV-15-0540
Principal investigator IIC: doc. Ing. M. Hnatko, PhD.
Duration: 07/2016-06/2020
LUMON – Transparent luminescent oxynitrides
(Transparentné luminescentné oxinitridy)
Programme: SASPRO 1329/03/03 mobility scheme “Incoming”
Principal investigator IIC: prof. RNDr. P. Šajgalík, DrSc.
Duration: 01/2016-12/2018
Silicon oxynitride-based photoluminescent ceramic materials
(Fotoluminescenčné keramické materiály na báze oxynitridov kremíka)
Programme: APVV-14-0385
Principal investigator IIC: doc. Ing. Zoltán Lenčéš, PhD.
Partners: Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS, Institute of Material Research SAS
Duration: 07/2015-06/2019



  • Universität Karlsruhe, Institut für Keramik im Maschinenbau, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Technische Universität Darmstadt, Fachgebiet Disperse Feststoffe, Darmstadt, Germany
  • Institute for Ceramic Technology, ISTEC, Faenza, Italy
  • University of Trento, Materials Science Department, Trento, Italy
  • National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Nagoya, Japan
  • University of Leeds, Materials Science Department, Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Austrian Research Center, Materials Science Division, Seibersdorf, Austria