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The Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (IIC) is focused on basic research in the area of inorganic and bio-inorganic systems oriented to optimization and development of new materials and technological processes in the following branches of science: inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, materials chemistry, inorganic technologies and materials, theoretical chemistry, nanotechnology.

The main subjects of the research are the following:

  • Relations between composition, properties and structure of inorganic substances, mainly advanced ceramic materials, molten salt systems and hydrosilicates.
  • Thermodynamics of multicomponent systems.
  • Features and chemical reactions in inorganic systems, including interface of phases.
  • Development and application of theoretical and experimental methods for the determination of the structure and properties of matter.
Scientific highlights Scientific highlights
  • Application of high temperature HT NMR spectroscopy in investigation of Na3AlF6-(Al2O3, Fe2O3 or FeO systems
  • Enhanced luminescence of cyanine dye NK88 adsorbed on layered silicate saponite
  • Acceleration of relativistic electron dynamics by means of X2C transformation: application to the calculation of nonlinear optical properties
  • Hollow amorphous and polycrystalline YAG microspheres prepared by flame synthesis
  • A novel structurally unique surfactant for polymer-clay nanocomposites
  • Functional properties of alumina/multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT)
  • Aluminate glasses with luminescent properties
  • Electronic structure and luminescent properties of rare-earth oxide doped silicon oxynitride phosphors
  • Corrosion testing on construction materials


Experimental equipment Experimental equipment

The Institute disposes with variety of advanced techniques used for materials preparation, characterisation and processing.

  • methods for characterisation of physico-chemical and mechanical properties of materials
  • methods suitable for phase and structural analysis
  • spectral methods
  • methods for preparation and processing of functional ceramic and glass materials
  • many others.